Thursday, September 22, 2011

{ Tasks } Setting The Date: Part Two

We last left off with the venue needing to know our date. Cue the nail biting. I’m an anxiety riddled person naturally, so sitting down for a discussion about something that might get touchy just made me avoid it all the more.

While we were at the venue, a joke about Friday the 13th being wide open came up and we all giggled. We had said “well we aren’t getting married on a Friday, so no big deal.” After the viewing, I asked our contact to kindly send us their available dates… And for comparison sake, send Friday availability, too (can’t deny the cheaper wedding!).

After seeing costs I knew that if we wanted to book our venue, it should be a Friday, but I still wanted to play with Saturday numbers. It wasn't NOT do-able, but there were fewer Saturday openings than Friday.

So now if you're following my thought train, here is where it gets complicated. I first thought August, then realized after Carl's comments that July should be an option, too. Then I said I didn't want to do a Friday, but still asked for Friday availability at the venue we liked. And all the while... none of this had been discussed as a couple. Assumptions were being made left and right... and you know what they say happens when you assume...?

Don't do it. It's going to back fire.

Yikes. What did I think I was doing? Inviting him to the wedding? Ha! He had to be in on this decision! It affected him as much as me! I mean, I know he said he was leaving the planning up to me... but I think this is one of those things that trumps that statement.

A few days pass and we start joking about a Friday the 13th wedding. I mention it at work and people respond well. It's cute. The venue is wide open that day. It's memorable. It's after one of our major events at work and before another, so the timing (for me) would be great... So I bring it up to my wonderful mother.

The idea went over about as well as an elephant trying to jump a fence.

Stay tuned for part three...

Setting the Date: Part One

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Shardi said...

haha! This post made me laugh. I think Friday the 13th would be a perfectly fine day to get married. Why not, right?

BTW, I'm hosting a bridal giveaway! Be sure to check it out!