Saturday, September 17, 2011

{ Tasks } Setting The Date: Part One

Picking a date was something I had never put a lot of thought into until we started looking at our venues. What was the point in setting a date just to be sad when a venue we loved didn’t have it available? We were flexible, and we wanted to stay that way.

We only had a few requirements: the date needed to be in the summer months (June-August), it needed to be next year, and it couldn’t be during any of the events I need to work for my job. That was it. It left the majority of weekends open to us, so I started scanning websites and digging through listing after listing of venues with a vengeance, looking for our perfect wedding location. Since dates weren’t a huge concern for us, I never even really thought about it again.

Somewhere along the line, I got August set in my head. I don’t know how or when this happened, but it did. Maybe it came from whimsy-ing about getting married on my parent’s anniversary date, but one way or another, that nugget got in my brain and wouldn’t budge.

Whenever I said we were getting married in August, Carl would chime in “or next summer.” It happened every time. Every time! Or at least my sensitive and anxiety riddled mind heard it that way.

After a few repetitions of this exchange, my brain started hearing “he doesn’t want to get married in August…” AAAH! PANIC!! So then, naturally, it became July. Carl and I never actually sat down and discussed our expectations of a wedding date. I had mentioned my parent’s anniversary. I have mentioned the dates I knew wouldn’t work for me. At no time did we actually talk about what date WE wanted to choose. I figured we had time and it was really a non-issue (ha!)

Then we found our venue… and they needed to know a date.


Stay tuned for part two...

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