Tuesday, September 20, 2011

{ Life } Turning 27

Somehow, I really forgot about my birthday this year. I even said 'I forgot until someone told me what day it was that my birthday was tomorrow'... and still, when Carl gave me a big "Happy Birthday!" this morning, I was confused. I thought 'it's not... it is!'

How did I forget? Maybe between the wedding plans and a huge project at work, I've just sort of lost track of time. It's not usual for me to forget my birthday. I've looked forward to it every year. I like waking up on my birthday morning and feeling... special. Today, I was born. Some birthdays over the years:

My 16th birthday, where Chrissy, my best friend and now MOH, made me a sash, had all my friends sign it, and had me carry around a coconut all day in class. I think I got the chocolate and whipped cream from someone else...

On my 18th birthday (and I don't have photos for some reason), my friends surprised me in first period with a brownie with a candle in it, and they sang to me. It was really nice, even though I hate public displays!

 My 21st birthday, and first legal beer at Meister's

 My 22nd birthday, away at college. My two 'roomies' decorated my door for me.

We are skipping my 23rd birthday, in which my now ex broke up with me and made me move out of our apartment. You can see why.

 My 24th birthday with my friend Morgan, where we had a joint party (we are only a few days apart) with all our friends in my parent's garage

 I also caught a fish on my 24th birthday. It was my birthday fish.

 My 25th birthday, celebrated at the Bulldog. We all did a shot at midnight.

And my 26th birthday... Where Carl flew out, met my parents, and this whole crazy ride really got started. I also got a fishing pole, haha.

And now, my 27th birthday... My last birthday as a single woman. I realized that next year, I will be turning 28 as a newlywed. How exciting it that? But until then, I think I will celebrate with some great German food tonight with my family, and then go out for tacos and pitchers of margaritas with my friends on Friday to celebrate turning yet another year older.

Here's to a great birthday.

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