Wednesday, September 7, 2011

{ Attire } I Said Yes to the Dress

Well... I did it!

I... *gulp*… ordered my wedding dress!

It’s funny. I have no reservations about buying my perfect pretty, but I was still so scared to place the order. The down payment, the waiting… it’s all anxiety inducing! What if it arrives in the wrong color? What if our measurements were off? What if I lose too much weight before the wedding? What if I… don’t?

Luckily I know that the size I am ordering it in fits my body perfectly right now. If I make no progress in my weight loss journey, I will be a-ok… Just gotta tone up these arms a bit! I’m sort of nervous about putting on weight before the wedding, but I am certain this is something ALL brides worry about. Oh the weight worries…

True story: I was the skinny girl who actually had to put ON weight to fit into her prom dress. They didn’t have the dress in a 2, so I had to bulk up to a 4! GASP! The scandal! Really, all this did was made me feel free to eat to my sweet tooth’s content. I’m a sucker for anything in the baked goods world.

I’ll admit… I’m also terrified that I will lose too much weight. I know that when I stress out, I lose weight. Those last few weeks before the wedding will be huge! Hopefully all the stress weight loss will be done by the time of my final fitting.

Ordering my dress opens up the door of what ifs… I can only imagine what putting the down payment on our venue will be like when we finally make our selection! It all still feels so surreal… Pinch me – this is real, right?

What sorts of what if’s held you back or are holding you back in your wedding planning?


Shardi said...

Ordering your dress is so exciting..I'm sure everything will turn out perfectly. It's funny that you have to worry about LOSING weight for your wedding. I bet a lot of other brides wish they had the same problem. ha!

Kat said...

Haha, I say that now, but really I am terrified that I won't! I'd love to drop a few, but the perk would be no alterations if I don't :P

Shardi said...

Hi Katie, I wanted to send you a message on here in case you wouldn't check back to my blog to see if I wrote you back.

I do all my inspiration boards here:

It's super easy to use! Hope that helps :) Let me know if you have any questions, I'm happy to help.

Katie said...

Thank you! So excited to try it out!