Tuesday, April 10, 2012

{ Attire } Bridesmaids... Again

It's been awhile since we went on our second shopping excursion, but how about another set of fun times in the world of bridesmaid dresses?

Chrissy and Stacey went with my mom and I to David's Bridal to check out more options on dresses after the ordeal with the shop I ordered my dress from. There was no way I was letting my girls go through that shop and risk the same terrible service I got with my own wedding dress!

We started out just grabbing dresses. After a pile was gathered, it was on with the trying the dresses out!

I have to admit... I caught some excellent faces on this trip! Stacey's look is priceless!

Look! They both look happy! This dress was a contender right up until the end... Certainly not in that color, though!

 The next dress also wasn't too bad, but the girls decided against straps. Still, a nice choice!

This one was kind of all right, but is wasn't the most flattering dress over all. What's with the blue floppy panel?! Onward...

We have a winner!! Yes, ladies and gentlemen... The purple dress won out over all.

Such a pretty bodice. A little bling to go with my dress, a simple, elegant neckline... After much deliberation, we settled on this dress... But...

 In this color!

And... Just because I can... A few more goofy pics!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

{ Tasks } Registry, Part Two

Well, we did it! I wasn't certain it would all happen at once, but Carl and I set out to do our registry yesterday. It was an epic battle that kept these kids up way past their bedtimes, but over all, we had a ton of fun. I can't even tell you how fun it was to scan things and think about ourselves as a married couple... with a house. Speaking of... we should probably start thinking about that whole "buying a house" thing. Eep!

We started our day out a Williams and Sonoma. They offered us coffee, little snacks and were so helpful and friendly the whole time we were there. When they reminded us to register for the little things, like spices and kitchen accoutrements, we hit that wall with a vigor. Can you say kid in a candy store?

We then went to have a quick lunch to try out one of the BBQ places we want to hold our rehearsal dinner at, Maverick's. The food was all right, but I think we have higher hopes for our other two locals we still need to try out.

Next, we hit AMC to see Hunger Games. Yep. I roped Carl into seeing the movie with me after I got hooked on the books over our vacation. They were a quick, easy read with likeable characters and a fast-paced story. Why not? I certainly enjoyed them for what they were. Even headed out for the day in my nerd gear:

After the movie, we headed to Macy's for our next round of registering. We picked out China, crystal, and all the bedding and bath things we could think of. Not to mention, any and every Kitchen-Aid product around! I'm really excited about our place setting. Something I didn't know I would geek over, but I love the simplicity of it. When they offered to set a table for us, I was a little baffled and confuddled. Carl got a good laugh out of it all!

Finally, we ended our night at Target. We hit the movies, cleaning items, housewares... All the little bits we didn't register for elsewhere. I think we were through here the quickest, and probably because we knew the road by now! We did, however, forget to hit the board games. Oh well -- there is always adding things online!

It was a great day, capped off with drinks at Jimmy's Food and Drink with my brother and his girlfriend. Anxiety was squashed, fun was had, and we were certainly happy with how everything turned out!

Oh... and strangest thing we registered for?..