Wednesday, August 29, 2012

{ Life } Phase Two

I know, I know… I still have lots to post about the wedding. What about the bachelor and bachelorette party? What about the showers? What about the recaps? I’ll get there. It’ll get mixed in with the here and now.

With the wedding over, this blog is still about the life of Carl and Katie. Now, we’re just a Mr. and a Mrs. I’ve taken his last name, and we continue to build a life together, which means the next step is fast approaching: a house.

We started talking to our realtor about a week ago, and tonight we meet with a financial guide. We are in to get our pre-approval and see just what it takes to own a home and, before that, to purchase one.

I think my anxiety over this might be greater than my anxiety over the wedding. This is a huge deal. It’s a big. It’s a really firm commitment of time and money and life. It’s got me freaking out a little bit.

Don’t get me wrong, I want nothing more than to own a home with my brand new husband, but it’s all a little daunting. How does one navigate this process without melting down?

To start, the paper work required to do a financial check. From both of us is required:

W-2 forms from 2010 and 2011
Tax returns from 2010 and 2011
Statements from all open bank accounts
Pay stubs from the last 2 pay periods

Tell me that doesn’t make you start hyperventilating just a little bit.

First of all, I know I should be better about tracking my tax information. Bless my mother for having all my past W-2s and a hard copy of my tax returns on her computer from TurboTax… but who knew this would all be needed? Yikes. It’s been a little hassle to gather it all together, and Carl needed to order his tax statements and his 2010 W-2, so we won’t have them tonight. 

I like to be proactive rather than reactive… but there wasn’t really an option, here. If we want a home before 2013, we act now.

And so it begins. Phase Two: The House Hunt.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

{ Life } Home from the Honeymoon

And we have teasers! I can't explain to you how excited I am to see all the photos that Tracey Joy Photography took for us. It was so much fun working with her, and Carl and I agree she will be our go-to when we start a family someday! I can't wait to get the rest back, but here are the teasers.

Thank you so much for making it a memorable day, Tracey!!

^ Our Father Daughter dance was to Boot Scootin' Boogie! ^

 ^ Carl and my first dance as a married couple ^

^ An excited moment pre-wedding with my bridesmaid and cousin, Sarah ^

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

{ Details } Garter Toss

Oh, my darling fiance... He sure knows how to make me laugh. He's changed things up, and has made this his garter toss song. I can't wait for it :)

{ Details } Reception Music

Continuing with the music theme... Reception time!

What else could we as the wedding party arrive to other than:

Party Rock Anthem, LMFAO

And how about our first dance?
Dance With You, Live

Then comes the Father Daughter Dance, which I am torn between these two songs:

I Believe in You, Don Williams

I Loved Her First, Heartland

And the garter toss... Well, I can't find the clean version on YouTube... But FH wants P.I.M.P by 50 Cent. Let's just pretend I put the video here. You can google it if you want :)

And the bouquet toss...

Milkshake, Kelis

It's gonna be a good time.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

{ Details } Ceremony Music

I admit, I've been listening to our chosen ceremony music almost non-stop to sort of "desensitize" myself to it all. It's going to be hard enough to get through the ceremony without crying myself dry when we've written our own vows, but of course, we had to go and pick good, meaningful music. Want to know what is going to be played?... Read on!

Pre-ceremony music will be as follows:

The Luckiest, Ben Folds

Question, Old 97's

Sea of Love, Cat Power

On to the ceremony! The wedding party processional:

Sweet Disposition, Vitamin String Quartet 
(Temper Trap Cover)
Couldn't find an actual version... so this will have to do.

Then, of course, my entrance:

Falling Slowly, Vitamin String Quartet
(Glen Hansard Cover)

A little fun for the recessional!

She Said Yes, The Wedding Band
(Mumford and Sons side project)

And lastly, the postlude:

Do You Realize?? Vitamin String Quartet
(Flaming Lips cover)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

{ Life } It's Love.

Me: Honey, do you think you can help me with a wedding task while I sew?
Carl: What is it?
Me: Gluing the lace to the votives...
Carl: Oh, baby... You know I'm not good with crafty projects!
Me: *pout*
Carl: I will, however, go buy you Cheetos.

It's love.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

{ Tasks } Make Up Trial

Ok, I admit that I've been a bit of a slacker lately. It might be because the wedding is a month away, and taking the time to blog really just feels silly when there are programs to assemble and votive holders to assemble. Even still, the wedding events carry on.

I realize there is much I haven't written about, but maybe that will all get said as the wedding wraps up.

Tonight I walked over to my friend Megan's house and we had a little sangria. After catching up and talking about what I imagined for my wedding make up. Tough, really... I don't wear much make up on a normal basis, so the idea of it really sort of intimidates me. Megan has done my make up before, so I really trusted her to just get and idea and run with it. After pulling a few photos from magazines, we headed upstairs and she went to work.

Before her magic:

One eye in natural light

Open eyes in artificial light:

The whole she-bang in artificial light:

So there you have it! Megan worked her magic and made me all made up without looking awkward in makeup. Perfect!! Now all I have to do is wait for my hair trial and put two and two together! It's all starting to feel so real!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

{ Attire } Sewing

I started sewing, and look at all the fun I'm having! I made my garters... and now, this:

My clutch for the day :) And it features more lace from my mother's dress!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

{ Details } Have Our Cake and Eat It, Too

It's been quite awhile since the delightful day of cake tasting, but the I've finally found the time to write about our pastry adventure.

We started our morning heading down to Hastings to visit Emily's Bakery and Deli. Cake for breakfast sounded like such a great idea, really. As we made our way inside the bakery, we were told that the owner had forgotten to put our appointment on the books, so there were no samples ready for us. That being said, we were given six whole cupcakes to compensate. That also being said, they were frozen. We had to take them home and wait for them to thaw before we could sample the variety we were given.

We were disappointed, to say the least. We had been to two weddings that had Emily's provide the cupcakes and had loved their fluffy, flavorful cupcakes both times. We'd both been looking forward to our tasting at Emily's so much that we almost didn't schedule any other bakeries to try.

With our breakfast cake thawing in the car, we were both still hungry, so we headed to the Green Mill in Hastings and happened upon a pancake breakfast fundraiser. Pancakes are a kind of cake... right? We supported the local girls Lacrosse team and had our fill of pancakes and sausage and headed back to White Bear Lake to have a rest before our second appointment.

Our second and last appointment was at Grandma's Bakery in White Bear Lake. This is the little local bakery that does all the cakes for local events, like graduations, birthdays, and all those fun things. We were greeted immediately and told to choose a few fillings and frostings we would like to try. We got our tray and wolfed down the presentation is record time. After, we talked through cake details and left with full bellies.

Back home, our cakes from Emily's were ready and defrosted. We were a little hesitant at eating cupcakes that had been frozen, but Carl cut them into thirds and we shared this tasting experience with my mom. taking turns picking which cake to eat so that we all ate the same kind at the same time, we stuffed even more cake in our stomachs. Over all, when all was said and done, we had a very clear winner.

Grandma's Bakery.

The cakes from Emily's were nothing like we remembered them and rather forgetful at that. On top of it, if the owner could misplace our tasting information, what would happen to our order on our wedding day? While I have no doubt that they are great bakers and that they have had much success with their wedding cakes and treats, we were much happier with our cakes and our experience with Grandma's.

Two weeks late, we booked our order for three types of cupcakes and out two tier cake. We have our ribbon for the decor of the cake and the cake topper all ready to go! I can't wait to see them all put together on our wedding day!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

{ Attire } My Garter

Yesterday I had my first fitting at Reyna's Alterations. I have worked with her in the past on other alterations and adore her work, so getting my wedding dress done by her was the natural choice. Despite it being 90 degrees with no AC, Reyna was patient and kind to us the entire appointment. We tried several different bustles before picking just the right one: a double french bustle.

After coming home from the appointment, I started to brainstorm yet again for my garter. I have been working on several different attempts to make a garter I was happy with, and I finally figured it out today.

To start the story, this is my mother's dress:

My mom's dress was very pretty and unique, but obviously didn't quite fit me... and long sleeves in August made me want to cry a little, haha. I have wanted to do something with her dress to at least have it in the wedding. It just seemed like something I would really want to be a part of my day - a piece of my mom. We've always been so close, and this was just one of those things I knew I'd find a way to do.

Since my mom didn't get her dress preserved, there are many places on the dress that are totally wrecked. She told me to do what I wanted with her dress, because it was destined for the trash bin otherwise. I started to think... and then I realized my dress has a lace overlay. Her dress has all this beautiful lace on it... Maybe I could incorporate that into my own wedding!

I started to take apart my mom's dress, using a seam ripper to remove all the lace from her panels. The ideas started coming much quicker, now. So far, I have one project complete that is all mom's lace, and that is my garter.

After trying and failing many times, I finally figured out my plan. I took a sheer ribbon lined with cream fabric to make a casing, attached my mom's lace around the casing, and then worked in the elastic. Finishing with one of the larger flowers and a glitzy blue gem, I had this:

So... what do you think?


Just finished the toss garter! Check it out!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

{ Tasks } Getting Things Done

It's been a busy weekend! So far, we've assembled the invitations:

I've tested out our chocolate making molds for some yummy wedding favors:

And mocked up the final table center piece after cutting up my burlap and buying some flowers:

It feels good to be getting it all done! Or, at least, knowing what will be done when the times comes!

Now, I'm off for a run in the beautiful weather!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

{ Details } It's HERE!!

Five weeks ago, I let go of my engagement ring, much to me anguish. It was necessary at the time, because I was having my wedding band made.

We took my ring to Inlow Designs in Hudson, WI. After discussing what I had imagined and what I was hoping for in a wedding band, I nearly had a stroke when I realized the had to take the ring while the made the band.

Duh. Of course they had to! But I'm quite fond of my ring and on the one occasion where I forgot it at home, I constantly felt like I lost it. I instantly missed it when I chose to not take it on the cruise... and I even bought a blingy fake ring to hold it's spot.

After a week of my ring being in the shop. I traded the gaudy one I bought for a solid silver band, which I was much happier with. I'm just not a flashy gal, it seems!

Finally, my ring is done and I have it back on my hand where it belongs. I couldn't be happier with how my band turned out. It is exactly what I wanted: simple, contoured to my engagement ring's unique shape, and classy.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tree + Cabin = :(

 So this is the story of how we came to have a tree in our living room.

It was a chilly, gloomy night at the cabin, and after watching the UFC card, we went to bed. It was rough getting to sleep, but eventually, it happened. At about 1:23 am, I woke to find Carl not in bed. It worried me, so I got up to see if everything was ok. At the same time, I noticed crazy lightning on a sort of constant, horror movie-esque basis. It was really pretty.

I found Carl in the kitchen. He had been coughing and didn’t want to wake me, so he had been up in the living room, killing time. We sat in front of the large bay window, watching the lightning. Suddenly, there is rain. It’s big, heavy rain, hitting the window with a bit of force.

Looking out across the horizon, we see the end of the storm moving, and fast.

The hyper-paranoid storm freak I am, I tell Carl we need to get away from the window with the winds picking up. Just then, the windows and doors start squealing like a banshee. It is getting louder and louder, and I make my way from the living room entry way to the hallway, which I have deemed the only safe place in the cabin in a storm.

Carl is still in the doorway. My instinct kicks in, and since I already need him to comfort me, I pull him to me in the hallway. Then, only seconds after clearing the living room, the cabin fills with light. There is an ear-splitting crack of thunder and then, the loudest, most horrifying crashing sound.

This is when I started screaming. However, I really don’t remember screaming. As Carl said, that is exactly what "uncontrollable screaming" means. This wakes up my parents, who are now screaming back as I continue to scream. Is everything ok? Am I ok? I finally realize that the sound I am hearing is coming from me and I stop. I am shaking uncontrollably. We turn on the light and peek in the living room…

It wasn't lightning, as I originally thought. Instead, it was 70mph straight line winds. 

I instantly remember my cat had been lounging on the table, and my mom’s had been curled up on the chair. Both are missing. My eyes shoot to the window to make sure there are no major holes in the walls and that the windows aren’t broken… What if they got out?!

My parents come out of their room to see what is happening. My mom and I are both crying and in hysterics. I can’t form sentences, so Carl, who has been making sure to keep me from jumping out of my skin and running stark-raving mad around the cabin, explains that the tree in the front is now in the house. The tree has fallen through the roof.

We begin to make sense of it all, and thankfully find the cats under the bed in Carl and my room, hiding. Then we worry about the structural integrity of the house that is starting to soak from water pouring in. Mom runs to the neighbors to tell them what is happening. After a little while, we are told the house is ok for us, so long as we stay in the back rooms.

So what do we do now? We wait. We cry. We panic. We try to figure out what happens next. Rain is pouring in and we have a variety of buckets catching water. Finally, at 4am, the adrenaline wears off and we all agree to try for a little sleep. It comes really slowly. I am jumping at every loud sound, every flash of lighting. I am still terrified… but two hours of sleep finally happen.

I am still in shock. The tree has been cleared. We burned most of the brush. It was a lot of clean up, especially inside where there was Styrofoam, sheet rock and fiberfill everywhere, but little by little, we got it done.

For someone who is already terrified of storms, this is no good. Loud noises have me jumping out of my skin and in a panic in seconds. As cliché as it is, though… at least we are all okay and no one was hurt. Family, animals… we are all fine. Very tired, but fine. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Dear friends and family:

As I sit here eating my tuna noodle salad, taking one minute or two to unwind before delving into the next task, I feel like it needs to be said.

I'm sorry.

I know right now I am not the most fun. All I can talk about is wedding stress and the things that still need to get done, or about the good things that are done. Life outside of a full time job has become two things: nights off and wedding planning nights. When I'm not doing one, I'm doing the other.

I feel like I'm less available and hard to see... and I know it is within good reason, but I have always really liked how flexible my schedule is. I've been able to say yes to so much and so many last minute invites that having to say no right now is really killing me.

There are some of you I saw on a regular basis before the wedding planning took over. Some of you I saw less frequently and now it has become barely ever. I want to see you all. I want to spend time with you... I miss you. And it will all be better once the wedding is over.

Until then, bare with me. I'm so incredibly excited to see our day come together and I can't wait to share it with all of you that I love. I promise I'll be a better friend and more available soon. Thank you all for tagging along on this journey. I couldn't do it with out you.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

{ Tasks } Making the Lists

I feel a little like Santa right now…
By that, I mean I’m making lists and checking them twice. Ok, three, maybe four… All right, all right FIVE times. I am in a strange cycle of making and remaking the same lists over and over again. Vendors that still need to be secured (cake!), out standing (not outstanding :P) DIY projects. Upcoming meetings. Tasks that haven’t been taken care of (picking readings… writing ceremony… re-checking the budget).

I sort of feel like I am making a list to double check the list and the last item on the list is to triple check the list.

Yikes! 86 days to go and it’s all starting to move so, so fast!

Friday, May 11, 2012

{ Details } Cake for Breakfast... and Lunch...

It’s finally happening. The day that Carl and I get to do what every nine year old on the planet dreams of… We get to have cake for breakfast!

Saturday is a full schedule for us and I couldn’t be any more pumped for a sugar buzz. Our first stop at 9am will be to Emily’s Bakery in Hastings. We had these cakes at my cousin’s wedding and fell in love with their almond cupcakes. Carl and I had a very serious discussion as to how they were better than any others we had ever had. Our determination: Almond flour in the batter. We don’t know if we’re right, but who cares – they’re delicious!

Next will be a light lunch break before we head to Grandma’s Bakery in White Bear Lake. Anyone from White Bear has had Grandma’s at one point or another in their life! We get their cakes for all out birthdays, we had them for graduation parties, and kids used to buy the day olds to bring to class in high school. It’ll be interesting to see the place that fueled my high school sugar buzzes in the light of wedding cakes.

And then... to cap it all off... This is how we are going to end our day:

 It's gonna be a good Saturday.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

{ Details } The Wedding Website

I have been flip-flopping over and over about whether or not to create a wedding website. Do I? Don't I? Is it really necessary?

Well... I did... And here it is!

Working with The Knot was really, really easy. Since I work with spread sheets and uploads all the time, it was a piece of cake to format an upload to get the guest information into their system. Super easy, super quick, it will allow people to RSVP once they get their invitation online! They can even select their meal choice.

Finally having hotel information, I finished out making that page, added photos all over the place, and turned the guest book on. Now people can stop by and say hey!

What benefit will it serve? Just another way to get information out to people in the Digital Age. I put a lot of time into it for what it's worth, so hopefully it proves to be beneficial!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

{Attire} Suits!

Well, hello there! Let me introduce myself... It's been quite a long time since I've been around here. I'm Katie... and you are? Nice to meet you.

Things have been a little overwhelming, but in a good way... I think.

The list seems to be growing and shrinking at the same time. Is that possible?

Well, the best man was in town three weeks ago and thus began the Suit Trek. It was possibly the easiest thing we have done so far. The whole entourage clamored over to the mall to Men's Warehouse and the guys each took their turns getting fitted.

Chocolate brown suits with a variety of under-things! It's going to be epic.

The groomsmen will be in green vests with green ties.
Which I stupidly forgot to take a picture of ><;

The dads will be in taupe vests and taupe ties.

Carl will be in an ivory vest with a green tie.

Snazzy, huh? I even brought one of my awesome boutonnieres to try on the suits! This one was really easy! All that is left is cufflinks, which we are planning to do something fun with. I can't wait! The guys are all going to look so handsome.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

{ Attire } Bridesmaids... Again

It's been awhile since we went on our second shopping excursion, but how about another set of fun times in the world of bridesmaid dresses?

Chrissy and Stacey went with my mom and I to David's Bridal to check out more options on dresses after the ordeal with the shop I ordered my dress from. There was no way I was letting my girls go through that shop and risk the same terrible service I got with my own wedding dress!

We started out just grabbing dresses. After a pile was gathered, it was on with the trying the dresses out!

I have to admit... I caught some excellent faces on this trip! Stacey's look is priceless!

Look! They both look happy! This dress was a contender right up until the end... Certainly not in that color, though!

 The next dress also wasn't too bad, but the girls decided against straps. Still, a nice choice!

This one was kind of all right, but is wasn't the most flattering dress over all. What's with the blue floppy panel?! Onward...

We have a winner!! Yes, ladies and gentlemen... The purple dress won out over all.

Such a pretty bodice. A little bling to go with my dress, a simple, elegant neckline... After much deliberation, we settled on this dress... But...

 In this color!

And... Just because I can... A few more goofy pics!