Sunday, June 10, 2012

{ Attire } My Garter

Yesterday I had my first fitting at Reyna's Alterations. I have worked with her in the past on other alterations and adore her work, so getting my wedding dress done by her was the natural choice. Despite it being 90 degrees with no AC, Reyna was patient and kind to us the entire appointment. We tried several different bustles before picking just the right one: a double french bustle.

After coming home from the appointment, I started to brainstorm yet again for my garter. I have been working on several different attempts to make a garter I was happy with, and I finally figured it out today.

To start the story, this is my mother's dress:

My mom's dress was very pretty and unique, but obviously didn't quite fit me... and long sleeves in August made me want to cry a little, haha. I have wanted to do something with her dress to at least have it in the wedding. It just seemed like something I would really want to be a part of my day - a piece of my mom. We've always been so close, and this was just one of those things I knew I'd find a way to do.

Since my mom didn't get her dress preserved, there are many places on the dress that are totally wrecked. She told me to do what I wanted with her dress, because it was destined for the trash bin otherwise. I started to think... and then I realized my dress has a lace overlay. Her dress has all this beautiful lace on it... Maybe I could incorporate that into my own wedding!

I started to take apart my mom's dress, using a seam ripper to remove all the lace from her panels. The ideas started coming much quicker, now. So far, I have one project complete that is all mom's lace, and that is my garter.

After trying and failing many times, I finally figured out my plan. I took a sheer ribbon lined with cream fabric to make a casing, attached my mom's lace around the casing, and then worked in the elastic. Finishing with one of the larger flowers and a glitzy blue gem, I had this:

So... what do you think?


Just finished the toss garter! Check it out!

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Chrissy said...

Those turned out GREAT :)!