Tuesday, June 26, 2012

{ Details } Have Our Cake and Eat It, Too

It's been quite awhile since the delightful day of cake tasting, but the I've finally found the time to write about our pastry adventure.

We started our morning heading down to Hastings to visit Emily's Bakery and Deli. Cake for breakfast sounded like such a great idea, really. As we made our way inside the bakery, we were told that the owner had forgotten to put our appointment on the books, so there were no samples ready for us. That being said, we were given six whole cupcakes to compensate. That also being said, they were frozen. We had to take them home and wait for them to thaw before we could sample the variety we were given.

We were disappointed, to say the least. We had been to two weddings that had Emily's provide the cupcakes and had loved their fluffy, flavorful cupcakes both times. We'd both been looking forward to our tasting at Emily's so much that we almost didn't schedule any other bakeries to try.

With our breakfast cake thawing in the car, we were both still hungry, so we headed to the Green Mill in Hastings and happened upon a pancake breakfast fundraiser. Pancakes are a kind of cake... right? We supported the local girls Lacrosse team and had our fill of pancakes and sausage and headed back to White Bear Lake to have a rest before our second appointment.

Our second and last appointment was at Grandma's Bakery in White Bear Lake. This is the little local bakery that does all the cakes for local events, like graduations, birthdays, and all those fun things. We were greeted immediately and told to choose a few fillings and frostings we would like to try. We got our tray and wolfed down the presentation is record time. After, we talked through cake details and left with full bellies.

Back home, our cakes from Emily's were ready and defrosted. We were a little hesitant at eating cupcakes that had been frozen, but Carl cut them into thirds and we shared this tasting experience with my mom. taking turns picking which cake to eat so that we all ate the same kind at the same time, we stuffed even more cake in our stomachs. Over all, when all was said and done, we had a very clear winner.

Grandma's Bakery.

The cakes from Emily's were nothing like we remembered them and rather forgetful at that. On top of it, if the owner could misplace our tasting information, what would happen to our order on our wedding day? While I have no doubt that they are great bakers and that they have had much success with their wedding cakes and treats, we were much happier with our cakes and our experience with Grandma's.

Two weeks late, we booked our order for three types of cupcakes and out two tier cake. We have our ribbon for the decor of the cake and the cake topper all ready to go! I can't wait to see them all put together on our wedding day!

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