Wednesday, May 30, 2012

{ Details } It's HERE!!

Five weeks ago, I let go of my engagement ring, much to me anguish. It was necessary at the time, because I was having my wedding band made.

We took my ring to Inlow Designs in Hudson, WI. After discussing what I had imagined and what I was hoping for in a wedding band, I nearly had a stroke when I realized the had to take the ring while the made the band.

Duh. Of course they had to! But I'm quite fond of my ring and on the one occasion where I forgot it at home, I constantly felt like I lost it. I instantly missed it when I chose to not take it on the cruise... and I even bought a blingy fake ring to hold it's spot.

After a week of my ring being in the shop. I traded the gaudy one I bought for a solid silver band, which I was much happier with. I'm just not a flashy gal, it seems!

Finally, my ring is done and I have it back on my hand where it belongs. I couldn't be happier with how my band turned out. It is exactly what I wanted: simple, contoured to my engagement ring's unique shape, and classy.

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Anonymous said...

naughty! what are you doing putting that stuff on! i don't wanna see that until its official!