Friday, May 11, 2012

{ Details } Cake for Breakfast... and Lunch...

It’s finally happening. The day that Carl and I get to do what every nine year old on the planet dreams of… We get to have cake for breakfast!

Saturday is a full schedule for us and I couldn’t be any more pumped for a sugar buzz. Our first stop at 9am will be to Emily’s Bakery in Hastings. We had these cakes at my cousin’s wedding and fell in love with their almond cupcakes. Carl and I had a very serious discussion as to how they were better than any others we had ever had. Our determination: Almond flour in the batter. We don’t know if we’re right, but who cares – they’re delicious!

Next will be a light lunch break before we head to Grandma’s Bakery in White Bear Lake. Anyone from White Bear has had Grandma’s at one point or another in their life! We get their cakes for all out birthdays, we had them for graduation parties, and kids used to buy the day olds to bring to class in high school. It’ll be interesting to see the place that fueled my high school sugar buzzes in the light of wedding cakes.

And then... to cap it all off... This is how we are going to end our day:

 It's gonna be a good Saturday.

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