Thursday, May 10, 2012

{ Details } The Wedding Website

I have been flip-flopping over and over about whether or not to create a wedding website. Do I? Don't I? Is it really necessary?

Well... I did... And here it is!

Working with The Knot was really, really easy. Since I work with spread sheets and uploads all the time, it was a piece of cake to format an upload to get the guest information into their system. Super easy, super quick, it will allow people to RSVP once they get their invitation online! They can even select their meal choice.

Finally having hotel information, I finished out making that page, added photos all over the place, and turned the guest book on. Now people can stop by and say hey!

What benefit will it serve? Just another way to get information out to people in the Digital Age. I put a lot of time into it for what it's worth, so hopefully it proves to be beneficial!

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