Friday, September 16, 2011

{ Life } Minnesota State Fair

The Great Minnesota Get Together is done and gone for another year... and somehow I forgot to blog about Carl's first visit to the second largest state fair in the US.

When I first visited Carl in New York, he brought me to the Scoharie County Sunshine Fair. We saw bunnies and drank slushies and I had my first cheese-steak. I couldn't help but mention how this fair was about a tenth the size of my hometown fair... I jokingly called their county fair 'quaint'. I mean c'mon... there was a tractor pull (which we laughed at so hard we cried).

Naturally, I have been anxious to take Carl to the Minnesota State Fair ever since. I have gone at least once every year since I can remember. Sometimes two and three times. I take this fair thing seriously! And why not? There are farm babies! Concerts! All the food you could want... on a stick! Butter sculptures!

So the day came and I brought Carl to the Minnesota State Fair. We ate, we saw animals, we walked and walked and walked... And here are some photos to show off some of the highlights. It's about to get pic-heavy up in here!

Carl & I enjoying cheese curds

1/3lb slab of bacon on a stick? Heck yes!

 Chipotle Orange sauce for the Big Fat Bacon... *drool*

 MinneApple Pie with cinnamon ice cream... YUM

 My favorite... Australian Battered Potatoes

 Why not?...

 Puffy aplaca!

 This is how to do cheese curds! Mmm... deep fried cheese...

 Cake contests winners. Check out the knitting cake... and the burger and fries cake next to it!

 Who doesn't?

Tired of walking? Take the sky ride!

I already can't wait til next year! Where else can I get my deep-fried cookie dough? My frickles (fried pickles)? My Scotch eggs on a stick... and all the useless crap you have to have but will never use... Like the bubble gun or a giant stuffed animal won on the Mighty Midway? Where else can I ride the giant slide?

Do you have a county or state fair you love to go to? What are your favorite parts?

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