Thursday, September 15, 2011

{ Tasks } The Parent/In Law Meet Up

Every website, every book, every anything I read has the very first task on your wedding planning task list is to have your parents meet his parents.

*insert cricket chirps*

I suppose for a traditional couple, this isn't such a huge deal. Maybe your families are a few miles from each other, or maybe a few hours... But how about 1,200? It is highly unlikely I will be completing task number one. We're off to a great start! sigh

Image Source / Long Distance Lover

Carl is from New York, I am from Minnesota. We have only been to New York twice -- and I am near certain we won't be visiting before the wedding. The last time we were in New York, Carl told his parents that he was proposing... And here we are.

Since we won't be able to visit before the wedding (wedding budgeting means money is tight and our cruise will take up most of our time off of work), and it has become apparent that a visit from his parents won't happen (his mother is a teacher, so she'll be busy until next summer... when the wedding will be)... We did the next best thing. Well, Mom did. My mom called Carl's mom to say hello. A sweet little gesture to link or families together, at least in some way.

I'm also planning to write to his mom to keep her informed. Send pictures, any new developments or ideas... I wrote to Carl for all these years, why not carry on that tradition with my future in-laws? I want to keep his family in the loop during the wedding planning. I want to grow close to them... they will be my new family!

I know other brides, grooms, other families deal with distance. How do you stay in touch? How do you keep the families linked through out the planning of your wedding and your future?


Anonymous said...

Great idea! Maybe even do some Skype calls too! I love their video chat!

Kat said...

Haha, that would be great... if they didn't live in the boonies and only have dial-up internet :-D I'll find a way!