Thursday, September 29, 2011

{ Attire } Planning for E-Pics

Saturday Carl and I are starting the journey of taking our engagement photos. I think I have put the idea of a Save the Date out of my mind until I have the e-pics back. I haven't even been thinking about what the STDs will look like!

But, what I have been obsessing about is Carl and my clothing for our pictures. That's right... I've become THAT fiance. The one who is planning the outfits and being a little too Type-A... I already said to Carl that I think I am going to have to bring a duffel bag for all the clothes that MIGHT work that day. Oh, and I went to Target and spent a good hour or two in the men's department where I finally bought Carl a bunch of neutral tone, plain colored shirts... Because he has none. And I'm crazy. I promise I won't be this crazy when it comes to having children and wearing matching outfits for family portraits. I promise!

I've been laying out possible options for me... So far we have the dresses:

Then we have the semi-casusal tops:

And last, the super casual, fun tops:

I love my t-rex shirt. And I bought Carl a Mountain Dew shirt. Oh god. I've lost my mind, haven't I?

Did you pick multiple outfits for your e-pics? How did you narrow down your options? Were you happy with your choices, looking back at your photos?

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Laura said...

I think I picked out three possible outfits and didn't chose until moments before we left. When I saw the photos I knew I had made the right choice! I went with simple and it was perfect! Good luck!