Tuesday, October 25, 2011

{ Venues } Ceremony & Reception

It's been a while, but I thought I would let you all know... We're all booked! After days and weeks and hours spent looking for, emailing, and researching venues, we are all done searching. I really thought that looking for a venue was going to kill me. Carl and I knew we wanted an outdoor ceremony. We also knew we wanted to book a place that had ceremony and reception on site. I had been trying to stay within a certain ring around the Twin Cities area. We wanted to make sure there were hotels in the area and all that good stuff...

There was a time when, during the search, I yelled at my computer. I had sent out just about my one millionth inquiry and I might have snapped a little. Was it too much to ask that a place be somewhat affordable and pretty and do ceremony and reception on site?!!

It wasn't until I really started to spreadsheet out every cost and detail that I got good at narrowing down all the options. We only visited three sites and narrowed down all the other options. The first place was a dud. The second was pretty for a reception, but lacked any sort of good ceremony site. The third one was juuuuuust right.

Check it out! We have access to a patio attached to our room...

There are loads of pretty settings for photographs...

Not to mention the ceremony site. The pergola is beautiful! It's actually getting moved by next spring to be framed by a pond and a willow tree. I'm in love!

The reception hall comes draped, there is a fire place and a separate breezeway (which would be awesome for the little photobooth-y thingy I want to create... cause you know, why not?). And... chandelier! Again... in love. I'm super excited to plan out the table decor and all the other details.

That's two big things off of the list! Dress bought, site booked! Now we're rolling!

How did you find your wedding venue? Did you have any particulars you were looking for that made the search tough?   

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