Thursday, October 6, 2011

{ Life } SQUEEEEEEE!!!

So, normally I have a pretty structured plan as to what and when I am going to post each week. Sometimes little things throw my train off the thought track... But sometimes...

A kinda big thing does.

Kinda. Maybe. Sort of...

Chrissy (MOH) emailed me this afternoon. She had been scrolling through Wedding Bee (my wedding addiction) and happened to notice something. That something was this:

 Image Source / Screen shot from Wedding Bee

Know what that is?? It's me! And Carl!! It's my bio on Wedding Bee, and it was featured as the Bio of the Week! How cool is that? I feel like the little kid whose teacher just gave her a gold star and a cookie.I had been working on updating it to make it shiny... and the work paid off! I even got a special blog badge for being featured. Seriously... I say to thee once again - how cool is that?!

When I left this morning, it wasn't there... this afternoon, I just skimmed my Google Reader feed and I must have just missed it. I checked the time that it was posted and it must have been put up somewhere between my morning website check and my lunchtime newsfeed catch up! I'm so glad Chrissy emailed me!

So now, I intend to have a celebratory beer and relax all night with some Big Bang Theory and snuggles with Carl.


Chrissy said...

Check out your awesome custom Wedding Bee Badge!!! Teehee :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats!! And thanks for the reminder that I should probably update my weddingbee bio, haha!