Sunday, October 9, 2011

{ In Love } It's the Little Things

This past week was rough. It was high paced and frustrating. By the end of Monday, I was already looking at my calendar begging it to be Friday as soon as possible.

 Image Source / Laurent Duveau

Work was hectic, I hadn't slept through the night in two weeks, and I was just burning out all over. On Friday, it all culminated. I was cranky, tired, and just wanted to hide under a rock. Carl let me scream and vent to him. He suggested some more Big Bang Theory and a beer to add a high note to the crummy past few days.

While we were getting dinner upstairs, I sighed, "I think I want wine instead of beer. A nice big glass of red wine. Want to join me?"

Carl replied "Not really. I'm not in the mood for it tonight."

"Right - you don't like red wine. Never mind. It's not worth it to open a whole bottle and waste it for just one glass. I'll just have a beer." I said as I filled my plate.

Carl, without pausing said, "No, baby. I'll have a glass with you so it's worth it. If that's what will make you feel better, I'll have a glass with you."

It's the little things. The little bits that make me swoon a little and realize just how much he loves me. Carl has this way of making sure I am always taken care of, even in the tiniest little gesture or comments... And I can't believe how wonderful that makes this girl feel. I'm so thankful for that selfless love he gives me. I only hope he feels that I give him the same love and care in return. Even writing this, I have a big, warm smile on my face.

What are some of the little things your significant other does that make you thankful for them?


Anonymous said...

Wait... "open a whole bottle and waste it"? "One glass"??
Why not just cork what you don't finish and drink it another day? Or better yet, finish the bottle! :D

Glad your fiance was sweet to you - it is the little things that add up.

a Wino (apparently)

Katie said...

Haha! I am a little winesnobby -- I think it loses a lot of flavor over night, so I tend to just open a bottle to finish it... I'm trying to not do that as much, but it is ending up with a lot of wasted wine! :)