Thursday, October 13, 2011

{ Planning } The Wedding Fair

This weekend, Mom, Carl & I packed up and headed to The Wedding Fair in downtown Minneapolis.


Originally, Mom & I were going alone, but talking about our breakfast date, Carl suddenly had an interest in going (the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, right?). We all got in the car and headed to Hell's Kitchen for the best breakfast ever. Seriously. Don't believe me? Let me convince you --

Lemon Ricotta Hotcakes
Maple Bison Sausage.
The Best Damned Heuvos Rancharos.
Housemade peanut butters and jellies.


Are you drooling yet? Because I am... Anyway, breakfast was just the beginning of the day!


I was a little overwhelmed when we first walked in. We were bombarded by pamphlets and postcards and LOTS of pink. It only took about a half an hour to get comfortable and finally focus on my personal mission for the day: DJ and photog. Within the first few minutes, I was handed a champagne glass of chocolate and had my ring cleaned (even though it had just been cleaned for our engagement photos a week ago!). I might be a little addicted to getting this ring all shiny! Nothing like making my bling get a little more bling bling! Alright, I promise to never do that again. You have my word.

We saw cakes that we loved (though we want just a small cake and cupcakes). We could always have our little cake be inspired by this beauty! I love it. Simple but really pretty. I'd almost feel bad eating it. Almost...

I would not, however, feel even slightly bad about eating the above... Cake pops are delicious. Yes, I know I can and have made cakeballs. And they are incredible. But these were so friggen cute! Mom thought they would be a great idea for showers or for the gift opening.

We found this stellar get-up for the guys. Not only will Carl look amazing in brown (I swoon a little when my man is in earth tones), but the best man and my brother also look great in brown. We currently think Carl will be in brown with a green vest and the guys will be in brown with cream vests. All the guys will have the same tie. I get all giddy just picturing it! Now I just need to order a swatch of the brown the girl's dresses will be in and make sure it doesn't clash. I also have to get one of my ivory... The things you think of weeks later...

We spent a good four hours and made sure to at least pass by each booth. Overall, Carl was glad he joined us at the last minute. He got lots of good information on tuxes, we gathered ideas for honeymoons, and we found our DJ (now if only I had enough time to call them...). I got some good leads on photographers, but turns out... photogs are really fracking expensive. Like... woah. But that's a post of a different color.

I think that it was good to have attended the fair this early in our wedding planning. If we had been any deeper in, I think that it might have been a wasted day. Thankfully the three of us had a really good time together and enjoyed this event in good company.

Did you attend a wedding fair or expo? Did you think it was productive for you and your planning? Did you pursue any of the vendors you saw that day?


Anonymous said...

Those cake pops look awesome!

I've been to two bridal shows. The first one I went with my MOH and I found three bakers that I'm in love with. The second time I went with FI (I told him there would be free cake tastings lol) and we found our limo bus. However, he said he will never go to another one. lol

Katie said...

They were really yummy, too! I've made them myself, but not with the buttercream they used.

I think Carl would come if I asked him to again... but I think we're both wedding faired out -- We just did the private event at out venue, too!