Saturday, October 8, 2011

{ DIY } Folded Fabric Flowers

The working title of this post is "SQUEEEEEEEE 2, the sequel", because early this morning, Chrissy informed me that this project was FEATURED on Wedding Bee! This time is was as a part of their DIY Friday feature! I got a nod, twice in one week!! I say for a third time... HOW COOL IS THAT!!?

 Image Source / Screen shot from Wedding Bee

Anyway, now that my inner child is under control (I got another gold star and another cookie! Teacher likes me bestest!) I thought I would share the project, here!

These flowers are pretty versatile and really pretty. I sort of figured out how to make these by looking at a few pictures and a couple of shoddy tutorials... Not saying mine is perfect, either, but I think the pictures will really help. Here we go!


We're working top to bottom, left to right:
1. Start by cutting out about 15 circles. I made mine about 1.5 inches in diameter for a big, full flower.
2. Set aside one circle. This will be your base to build the flower on.
3. Take a new circle and fold it in half. Like a taco! Now I'm hungry...
4. Take one corner of the half circle and fold it into a quarter circle.

5. Flip your circle over.
6. Fold the unfolded corner back so your circle looks like the top right picture above.
7. Place your first petal onto your flower base. Don't let the base extend farther than the petal! I like to have mine just barely hang over the edge to be sure that I'm hiding the base.
8. Stitch the petal in place.

9. Continue folding and stitching flower petals all around the base.
10. Completed base! You're a rockstar!
11. Start a second layer of petals and continue with the fold and stitch.
12. Completed flower! Now to add some bling!


13 & 14. The choice is yours! Sparkle, pearl, button... The sky is the limit.
15. Add a little fabric glue (Fabritac is awesome!) to the center of the base.
16. Attach a small fabric scrap to the glue.

17. Once the glue has set,center a wire on the fabric scrap.
18. With another dab of glue, fold the edges of the scrap fabric over the wire to secure it in place. Once it dries, twist your wire together to form a stem. If you like, wrap it in floral tape to hide the wire.

Ta da! Even my kitty Dagny insisted on making an appearance. She certainly thinks she is just as pretty as any flower.

Try them out! Make a vase of flowers for your desk at work! Give someone a flower to cheer up their day! The would be great decor for any party or a really nice accoutrement to accent any package or gift. Stitch them onto a sweater, or some shoes... Make a brooch by adding a pin back instead of the floral wire... The possibilities really are limitless. Most of all, have fun!


Chrissy said...

It's a squee-quel. Teehee :) You're gonna 'Bee' a star =D

Katie said...

Hahaha I love it. :D