Monday, October 3, 2011

{ Planning } The Color Palate

I think that a lot of people get stuck in the two or three color world of weddings. I know you have your main colors, but what about come complementary colors? How do you set the tone with decor with only two colors?

I made a few color palates for Carl and I to look at to pick a sort of overall color tone. It was based off of our choices to have brown bridesmaid dresses with my ivory dress and a third color of green. Brown, ivory and green. Here is the winner! Sort of a country vintage feeling:

The bridesmaids and I discussed adding a little bling to the brown dresses since they are very simple (but beautiful!). I had a thought of having them each in a different color sash based on the above colors with some nice sparkly appliques on them!

How did you pick your colors? Did you stick with one or two, or did you go with an over all color 'theme'?

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Anonymous said...

I used the perfect palette. Our colors are orange, peach, latte, pink, and two shades of yellow. So six. lol

I love your color scheme!

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