Saturday, October 15, 2011

{ Photos } Engagement Pictures, Part One

I've had these photos for a week, but I've been too busy to blog them. It's been killing me! I've wanted to post them all over the interwebs since the second I got them, but alas, work has been draining this week, so my evenings have been a routine of me coming home late and passing out early. But here we are -- it's Saturday morning, and I'm revealing to you the first set of our engagement photos!

Kate was a ton of fun to work with. It was relaxing for Carl and I to do our photos with her because we all know each other and are comfortable together. I'll link you all to her work when I'm done posting the e-pics, but I don't want you to skip ahead and ruin the surprise! We're quite happy with how these photos turned out.

We started out our day by heading to the University of Minnesota campus. Unfortunately, on the way there we ran into HUGE road construction that killed almost 45 minutes. Normally the full drive is 25 from home. I'm not patient in traffic, and I was anxious to see where Kate was going to lead us!

We finally got on campus and wandered around til we found this courtyard. We goofed around a bit, and eventually, Kate suggested we climb up this neat, branchy tree. Ever the tomboy, skirt be damned, I climbed that thing and Carl followed. Here are the results!

 I love how boyish Carl looks!

 Kate is clever -- the title of this photo has to be "K-I-S-S-I-N-G" haha!


I think I'm blushing...

This one feels dreamy!!

After a few shots in the tree, we decided it was time to move on. Getting out of the tree was not nearly as graceful as the climb up. It involved me almost falling, and Carl catching me like the man he is... But I'm pretty sure I flashed anyone who walked by. Whoops -- thankfully I wore cute undies...

Stick around for part two!