Tuesday, October 18, 2011

{ Photos } Engagement Pictures, Part Three

So we started in a tree, found a secluded area, and then headed to our next destination: the U of M pedestrian bridge thingy (like my technical name for it? Can you tell I went to an out of state college?).

It was crowded there that day. It might have been that it was possibly the last nice day in fall, or it might have been all the new students still eager to run around campus on that 'back in school' high. Or it might have been a fire drill... who knows.

I love the Minneapolis skyline, so Kate framed us with the skyline in the picture and caught these fun photos:

We were then headed off to the Minneapolis Stone Arch Bridge, but as we got on the bridge, we saw something that might have been better...

Stick around for part four!

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