Tuesday, October 4, 2011

{ Health } Am I Cut Out...

for workout videos? We'll find out. I've got two big days I'm working on getting my body in shape for... Our cruise and our wedding... so I continue on the quest to find a plan that works for me. Right now, I'm giving an honest go to the 10 Minute Solution series... Thank you, Netflix streaming!

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It's easy to say right now that I enjoy it. It's easy to say that it's fun and I feel good after I complete all four workouts. Give me two weeks and then ask me how successful I am. I'll probably grumble at you and make some excuse as to why I'm not doing it anymore.

Right now, I miss running. Even though I can only go for a mile or two at a time, that good hearty sweat felt good. Why can't I motivate myself to go to the YMCA after work for a quick run? Eh, who knows. I'm sure that I'll get back to it one of these days as an in between work out on the days I'm not using a video.

But can we get to the real point of this post? I mean, seriously... Who uses workout videos and doesn't feel like a freak, flopping about and grunting like a troll in their living room? 

In my apartment, it was a different story. I was home alone most nights, so working out felt okay. Right now, we have only one TV in one room in our living space and I live in constant terror that my dad or mom will come downstairs to ask a question while I'm mid squat. I don't want to work out in front of Carl while he is surfing the interwebs for the 40 minutes it takes to complete the circuit. I'm entirely too self conscious for anyone to be watching me while I get my exercise on. 

So my solution? Get home from work as quickly as possible and get as much as I can squeezed into the time before Carl gets home.

Somehow I convinced Carl to do this video with me. The entire time, I made sarcastic comments to the video... Somehow I think I will always be that nerd girl who is trying to come off as the popular kid in high school. Man, working out is so uncool! Only losers workout... 

So... What about you?  

Have you been successful working out at home? Do you have your own workout room or area, or are you out in the open like me?

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Anonymous said...

Hi, found your blog through Weddingbee! I know how you feel - I hate working out in my living room. It feels awkward and I'm always worried my FI will come home early and see me. Plus, we have cats that like to come by and jump on my mid-pushup. :-/
I need to get back into my exercise routine. Good on you for keeping at it!