Monday, October 17, 2011

{ Photos } Engagement Pictures, Part Two

After we left our tree, we wandered to our second destination, still on the University campus. On the way, we found a quiet little spot that made for some awesome photos. Cue changing in public because the building next to us was locked... Good thing high school gym locker rooms made me a pro at doing this covertly!

While I was playing around with creating our photo guestbook just for funzies, I made these:

Tee hee! Look at me giggle like a little school girl. Full color! Some color! Pretty fun.

Anyway... After this quick little session, it was time for another quick change and we moved along to our third destination.

Stick around for part three!


Anonymous said...

I have no idea why I like the one where he is pulling your necklace and you are kissing. I'm weird.

Katie said...

I love that one, too!! :-D