Friday, December 23, 2011

{ Beauty } Natural Nails

I posted a little while back about my trick to keep your fingers hangnail free. I thought I would add a few more finger-friendly tips to keep your fingers in picture perfect form!

1. Avoid using acetone based nail polish removers. Acetone will dry out your nail beds and can irritate the skin around your nails. Try to buy a moisture rich nail polish remover like Sally Hansen's Kwik Off.

Image Source / Makeup and Beauty Blog

2. Push it real good. Invest in a cuticle pusher and push your cuticles (gently!!) once a week. This will help keep your cuticles from cracking and from becoming overgrown.

Image Source / Nontoxic Lifestyle

3. Nip it in the bud. Nibbling on your nails is a nasty habit that's hard to break, but keeping your chompers away from your fragile nails will keep hangnails at bay.

 Image Source / Ways to Stop Biting

4. Go Greek. I swear by strengthening my over all nail bed by eating a buttload of Chobani. I also just really love Chobani. It's the best Greek yogurt around and it's packed with nail fortifying protein. Within a week of eating my Chobani each morning for breakfast, I notice my nails growing longer and harder. Believe you me, I can tell when I fall out of my Chobani ritual. It doesn't take long for my nails to start to show signs of missing their protein packed yogurt fix. I guess this is kind of like taking gelatin supplements back in the olden days!

Image Source / Chobani

There you have it! A fee more tips to keep your fingers flawless! Now to start practicing what I preach...

Do you have any tired and true techniques to keep your nails in line?

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Chrissy said...

You know your cuticles are bad when your little one starts picking at them when you're holding her. Le sigh, yup guilty as charged :)