Tuesday, December 13, 2011

{ Question } When You Sleep...

...Where do you fingers go? - Cake

Do you have a special place that you keep your ring at night?

I happen to have a very naughty kitty who knocks anything she can find onto the ground at night to try and get attention.

Cute but psycho. Things even out.

That being said, I am naturally a little paranoid about my ring getting lost. Things just... disappear when Dagny is around. I decided to keep the ring box Carl gave me at the proposal to use as a defense against the cat. The box was big, sturdy, and if she knocked it down, it would be much easier to find than just the ring!

I also formed a habit of taking the box with me when I am not sleeping at home. It's just become the resting place for my ring every night. So I got to thinking... do others do the same? Do you keep your ring in a specific place at night or when you aren't wearing it?

After the wedding, I thought about getting a special ring box. Something a little more fun and fancy to keep my e-ring and band in. There are lots of options out there for unique little boxes to hold my rings at night.

I can be a forgetful gal, so the safety of knowing my ring could only be in one place if I'm not wearing it is certainly a comfort. I know that, for me... I need a box that closes tightly and won't come apart if dropped by myself or a mischievous kitty. Picking out a new box to keep my rings in will be a fun little treat. I'm looking forward to starting the hunt!

Do you have a place you keep your ring? Do you ever worry about it getting lost when you aren't wearing it?


Saying I do said...

I have a little ring stand for it on my dresser..I TRY to put it there every night..though sometimes, I'll momentarily "lose" my rings. I can't sleep with it on though..my fingers swell too much when I sleep. You jjust need to really establish a system and stick to it!

Saying I do said...

PS when is your wedding? I want to add you to my blogging brides page on my blog!

Shardi said...

I never take my ring off! I don't see the point, and I know it would get lost if I did :)

Sharon said...

I sleep with my ring on but I'm to afraid to shower with it. I have my ring box and I put it there when I shower or clean around the house. I also have cats that like to make noise in the night to get attention... I feel your pain!