Monday, December 19, 2011

{ Life } It Finally Happened...

It took longer than I thought it would, but it finally happened.

...I forgot to put my ring on this morning.

There is, at first, that rush of panic.

Where is it? Did I leave it by the sink? Did it slip off in my gloves when I took them off? Is it safe and sound in my ring box?

The heart racing, the thoughts of worst case scenario, the racking your brain for the last time you remembered having it on... Utter. Panic.

I sent a frantic text to Carl to see if it was at home, safe. I was certain I just forgot to put it on because I had put my lotion on upstairs instead of in the bedroom. Normally, I put lotion on, put my ring on, and then head out the door. One simple break in pattern and the rest falls to pieces... was safe in its box. Cue celebration dance.

Now I just feel silly for not putting it on and naked without it. I miss it. Is that silly?

How long was it until you 'missed a day'? Have you ever felt that panic?

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