Tuesday, December 27, 2011

{ Attire } Bridesmaids Dresses

Very early on in the game, my bridesmaids and I went dress shopping. I loved the idea of getting the gals together to go rummage through tons of dresses and maybe even trying on a few ridiculous ones for kicks. Unfortunately, with one long distance bridesmaid and one who has crazy schedules (love you, sister-cousin!) the whole group couldn't come.

Oh, and Carl? I love you, butthead, but this post might have a few hints about MY dress in it. So skitter away and distract yourself while I talk with the nice people here about this adventure, mmkay?

Still, my other two awesome, amazing, beautiful bridesmaids and I met up to try out some looks. We found some potential in the dresses, and started the trying on affair.

Oooh summer sunburns! This purple one we liked in the brown and ivory colors. Eventually we decided that it competed too much with the intricacy in the overlay of my dress, but it stayed a contender for quite awhile.

Gotta say it.. this one was a 'no' right away. It sort of reminds me of a dress an old lady would wear to high tea...

This blue one wasn't too shabby - it even had a little bling to it! Eventually it was counted out after we realized it was a little low cut for our tastes!

Then we started considering tea-length dresses... Which I believe we all agreed were slightly too casual for the whole ordeal.


I couldn't escape this escapade without having to try a few on, myself. We liked this one. It was simple and elegant... and the belt added a ton. However, for a summer wedding? This fabric was just too heavy and warm. I wouldn't want my gals dying of heat stroke!

Then we found this one... Again, simple, elegant...

And a belt added a lot to, overall. Only difference? This one was much lighter! We had a winner, and after some discussion over email and lots of picture sharing, we all agreed on this dress in brown with a blingy ivory belt.

As the story goes... this wasn't quite the ending. After the bridal fair, Carl and I discussed the fact that the bridesmaids would be in brown... and so would he and the groomsmen. Dilemma! Don't you think that's just too much brown? I panicked a little. Did I change the color the girls would wear? And does that mean we would want to do this whole shopping thing again?...

The answers are yes, and probably. After the holidays, there just might be a second shopping adventure for the girls and me!

Did picking the guys suits change how you thought about your girl's dresses?

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Melissa said...

I think brown guys and brown girls would look fine. Better than black tuxes or suits with brown dresses, in my opinion :) Have you thought about khaki suits? Those look nice for summer weddings. Good luck!