Thursday, December 8, 2011

{ Attire } Sexy Little Bride

I am know for jumping the gun on things, but I'm already thinking of my wedding day undies. Sorry, Mom! It's true! I've never been a fancy underwear lover, but a wedding seems like a time to have some fun and buy something fancy.

I am so used to having three choices in any bra. Beige, black, white... The curse of the DD bust. It's no secret that I'm a busty girl, so I know that I need something to keep the girls inline all night long, but it can be pretty, right? It doesn't have to be plain ivory or white -- it could have a little lace.

But how do you pick what to wear? It's got to be comfortable. It can't be too warm. It can't be impractical. And it can't cost as much as the dress... I can imagine that this is something I can do deep into the final stretch of the wedding, but I find myself thinking about it now. Where does a girl even begin!? I do drool over the Victoria's Secret Sexy Little Bride line...

So how did you decide what skivvies you would don beneath your precious dress? Did you keep your Future Hubby in mind, or did you just buy something that would do the job?

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