Friday, December 16, 2011

{ Life } Me Vs. Facebook

In this day in age, the quickest way to announce your engagement is on none other than Facebook. The excitement after receiving the ring and accepting the proposal is followed by the elation of changing your Facebook relationship status to ‘engaged’.

Unless Facebook decides to ruin the fun for you.

Now yes, I know it is a silly thing in the grand scheme of things… But Facebook and I are still going through a rough patch after it ‘ruined’ my engagement announcement.

Ruined might not be the right word… but it did certainly disappoint.

The story goes like this: Carl and I arrived home and after celebration with my parents and excited texts and phone calls to family, I was thrilled to change our relationship status. A silly thing the social media world has deemed as a golden star to give out to those who care.

I log into Facebook right before bed, hoping that the late night post would yield some fun comment reading in the morning. Low and behold, my email inbox is FLOODED when I wake up. Excited to see the happiness and congratulations from my friends and loved ones, I look at my Facebook page and… what’s this?

There are five comments.

Now, if I didn’t have my message email notification turned on at the time, I might have thought something was wrong. Were my friends and family not excited for me? But, no – My inbox was flooded with the notices from Facebook about my friends congratulating me/us. But where were they on my profile?...

Apparently on the night I got engaged, Facebook was updating their servers and the majority of these comments got lost in the eternal server crash black hole…

Is it silly of me to begrudge Facebook for this? Yes, it is… But I would be lying if I said that it wasn’t incredibly disappointing. I even had people ask me why more people hadn’t commented on out engagement. All I could say was “they did, you just can’t see it”.

I asked Facebook about this, and their only response was “they might appear again over time… but if not, there isn’t anything we can do”.

><; Mer. Double mer.

And if you’re wondering? They never reappeared. To this day I’m still a little bitter about the whole situation.

When Carl moved here, I knew it was because we would be spending the rest of our lives together, so I had imagined posting our engagement on Facebook – the fact that this happened saddened me, but you know… you’ve got to get over it. In the grand scheme of things this was a minor glitch.

On the path to planning a wedding, there would be MANY minor glitches… and I guess I can just consider this a little pre-planning glitch training!

Did anything go not quite as you had planned in your daydreams about your engagement day?

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