Wednesday, August 31, 2011

{ Health } Bridal Boot Camp: Getting in Shape

I am a yo-yo. At least when it comes to dieting and exercise. I spent three months going tree times a week to my gym, running 3 miles and lifting a circuit or weights... And then... I quit.

Classic me.

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I know many people struggle with the motivation to keep going. I know that a long day at work and a long commute make me just want to go home and slip into my PJs. I've resigned to the fact that I need to find some at-home workouts to keep me motivated, because if I am working out at home, I tend to be more keen on hitting the gym for a run.

I recently found Forever TV, a Minnesota based wedding planning show that airs its webisodes on their website each week. They have a mini-series within their season called Bridal Boot Camp and I am digging it. Little exercises I can go at home to tone up my arms and keep from being bored at the gym!

I also love the Netflix has a few yoga videos I can stream on my Wii to keep a little peace in this stressful life.

Hopefully once I get into a good routine of toning at home, I'll feel like hitting the gym for a mile or two a few times a week again... We can all dream, right?

What do you do to stay motivated on your fitness journey?

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