Wednesday, August 24, 2011

{ Planning } Venues: Part Deux

Last night we made our way out to our second venue viewing.

I can tell you that I was feeling a little stressed out about venues still, since after two weeks of searching and inquiring and emailing and everything but harassing the poor venue planners... We had three options total before it was back to the drawing board entirely. I kept hearing from  places "we're all booked up!" and knew that would be the case. There was still just this tiny part of me that hoped MAYBE some other brides weren't planning 16+ months in advance. Apparently we're all planning for a year ahead and we all want our venues down first.

Well now. That just makes too much sense!

So the fam, Carl and I pile into the car and trek out to the venue. The pictures were so beautiful and the gal I had been email with was so nice and patient with me. I was slightly nervous that if this was the place that felt right for me, that everyone else would hate it. I know. I'm neurotic with a dash of crazy. I worry about this stuff all the time.

I saw the large ballroom right away and it sort of made me sigh a little. A happy little 'that's so pretty!' sigh. The second ballroom (my favorite) was very similar, but smaller. There was also the great added features of a two sided glass fireplace and a sort of foyer area that could hold a gift table, cake table, etc. The two upstairs rooms had a patio that they shared, which was another nice option for guests. The third ballroom (his favorite) was shaped a little stranger, but was also really nice. I really liked them all. The third ballroom didn't have the gorgeous chandeliers or ceiling draping the others did, and that's the only knock I could think of.

We viewed the ceremony sites outdoors. The gazebo was very pretty with a great backdrop and tons of places for great photos. The pergola is going to be moved, but to a location I think is even prettier. Willow trees! I love them... And they were everywhere! There was a bridge and a pond and so much that just felt... perfect. I really loved it. I was starting to see my wedding there and it felt so nice.

There is still discussing to do. We are waiting to hear about their open dates. Carl is reviewing the menu (which I glanced at and thought looked delicious). I'll talk logistics with the 'rents. I just really felt good at this place. I had been excited about it since I remembered they did weddings and was planning this to be my coup de gras, should all the rest of the places I was researching not pan out. Knock on wood, it will all start to fall in place, soon! Then I just get to stress about... Everything else.

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