Monday, August 29, 2011

{ DIY } Making Sunshine


Let’s play follow the leader! Following the order of the pictures...

1. Cut out circles in the size you want to make your sunflower. Note: I made mine about 1.5 inches in diameter.
2. Fold the circle in half.
3. Fold your circle in half again and give it a good squeeze to make a soft crease in the middle... then unfold it so it is only folded once again.
4. Fold the edges of the half circle so that they evenly meet in the middle where your crease line from the previous step is.
5. Fold your fabric in half with the folds you just made on the outside when you fold.
6 & 7. Take each side  and fold the fabric down once more.
8. Stick a pin in the flower petal at the base to hold it all together while you make more! I made 12 for mine, but they look cute with 8 or more petals.

Once you have the amount of petals you want, start to string them together on a piece of thread. Join your first petal to your last petal so they form a circle and... ta da! You have a flower! There will be a hole in the middle, so a button or some jewels will needed to cover this up.

I added a little fabric glue to a button to cover the hole in the middle... Now all you would have to do to make it a real flower would be to add a fabric cover to the back and attach a stem. How pretty is that?

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