Thursday, August 25, 2011

{ Inspiration } If I Choose Live Flowers

First of all, yes I do know that I had always said I'd be a DIY bride and make my own flowers because flowers are SO expensive and such a waste... (And I still think this, so I'm still pressing on with my ribbon flowers!) But there is a little girl inside of me who still has an obsession with one particular flower... Sunflowers!

And I even found a pattern to MAKE them from fabric, should I decide I can't live without them.

How can you not drool over these beautiful sunflowers?? Brace yourself. We're about to go pic-crazy!

See what I mean? I am so in love with these flowers...

Do you or did you flip-flop on your flowers selections for your big day? What helped you make the final decision?


Laura said...

Lots of beautiful sunflowers at Michaels. You could use them for your bouquet and decorate your home with them later.

And there's nothing wrong with you carrying just a few real flowers. After all, you're the bride. :)

Kat said...

I love that it's still early enough that I can whimsy a bit!