Tuesday, August 2, 2011

{ Attire } Accidental Shoe Shopping

If anyone told me that the first thing I would check off my wedding to do list was buying my shoes, I would have laughed at them.

I honestly thought I would have the worst time finding shoes. My ping-pong paddle feet (narrow at the back, mega wide in the front) and dress shoes are mortal enemies. I was terrified of the day when shoes were the topic of discussion... But then I found these:

They're kitten heels! They're just the tiniest bit bling-y! They're wicked comfortable! I put them on and thought to myself "huh... I'm totally going to wear these all the time after the wedding..." I think that's the sign of a good shoe.

Best part? They come in brown, too! Perfect to match the bridesmaid dresses, which we have yet to pick out, but I know they're going to be brown!

Simple and elegant. I think these are a total win.

The best part of all of it was the experience I had at The Bridal Spot (formerly Glenrose Bridal & Floral). I was a little uncertain when I first walked in, but was greeted by Debbie and felt at ease. She had another bride in the store and was the only person working at the time. Juggling the two of us, she did a great job. She pulled my dress for me and I got to try my lovely dress on (again) in a size closer to what I'll order. I also got to see the dress in white -- since I am ordering mine in ivory -- which was nice. It's just a pretty dress, all around.

Debbie was so helpful! We talked about shoes, veils, suits, Mom's dress, the bridesmaid dresses, color swatches... We covered all the fashion areas in one spur of the moment visit! She even made a great suggestion to look for flower girl dresses at Christmas - who would have thought to by a dress at Christmas?! GREAT idea! Now, all Tegan has to do is start walking, haha.

I'm anxious to go back to The Bridal Spot. The service was great and I even got a phone call from Debbie the next day. She ordered my shoes! She had to place a shoe order and thought that if I was sure of the shoes, she'd just order them so they'd be there when we come in to try dresses on.

Now if only my new phone wouldn't have eaten all the pictures we too... That just means we'll have to take them all over again!

Did you find anything by accident for your wedding?


Chrissy said...

Pffft, walking is easy :) If she's not walking by then we'll strap her to Siba! HA!!

Kat said...

I love it! Siba just better not punch the bride!!