Tuesday, August 9, 2011

{ Planning } Great Wedding Guide Caper

To start off the very first day of my engagement, my mom took me to the one place I can literally spend all day at: the book store.

We had a mission... Find a wedding guide or two to help us get a handle on things as we started planning. This turned into quite an adventure.

First, since my mom wouldn't tell me why we were at the bookstore, we wandered around trying to find the wedding section. At one point, she even made me wait while she ran off to find someone to ask. When we finally found our way there, the selection was overwhelming.

Books for destination weddings, handmade weddings, inter-faith marriages, non-traditional marriages, groom guides, bride guides, guides on dealing with the parents... Wow.

We took huge armfuls of book from all kinds of topics and headed to a chair. Buried under books, we began to sift. It was easy to tell the books we didn't like right away. Too prim and proper. Too Martha. Too pink. When we had finally wound it down to four books, that's when it got hard.

Mom and I laughed, teared up, talked about ideas, and talked about her time as a bride. It was a really nice way to spend a day bonding together and growing in excitement for the wedding. It was step one toward Carl and my big day. It was so nice to spend that time together.

Three hours later, we had our books. One was more of a guide to the nitty-gritty planning (The Bride's Essential Wedding Planner) and the other has become my help-me-get-through-this-crazy-panic-attack book (The Wedding Book).

More on how these books are helping as planning continues!

What books did you use to help you plan? Did you actually use them, or did they collect dust?

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