Sunday, November 20, 2011

{ Life } Long Distance In-Laws

One of the first things that I realized in Carl in my relationship was that our families would never be close. Not emotionally close, location! The long distance between his home and mine means that my dreams of both sets of grandparents being active in my future children's lives were going to be a lot tougher than I though. Then again, I never thought I would fall in love with a New Yorker!

I always imagined being close to my in-laws. I pictured spending time with them and bringing over the kids. I imagined his parent and mine being friends and spending time together... Maybe my life growing up in such a wonderfully close family sort of ruined me for realistically picturing the future.

It pains me to know that Carl's family is so far away. It makes me worry about the future. How will we do holidays? How often will we visit? What about when we have kids?

The first time I met Carl's parents, I was so excited. We clicked. It was so easy, so quickly. Not only did we get along, but we got along great. Swimmingly, if you will. I feel comfortable with them and enjoy talking about everything from life to Little Debbie snack cakes. There is always a little sadness in the back of my mind knowing the distance will make growing closer to them hard.

Are you close to your future in-laws? How do you stay in touch with them and grow your relationship?

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