Thursday, November 10, 2011

{ Inspiration } Hair

Without saying too much about my dress (Carl, I'm going to have to start shooing you away when I start posting about that topic!), it has this awesome vintage feel to it while still looking modern. I don't want to do something too crazy or dramatic with my hair, since that's not really me, so I thought I would put together an inspiration board based on what I liked: simple, easy hair. Pretty and soft. Everything I liked had some sort of half back look to it with a braid... So my inspiration became beautiful braided locks.

What do you think? I love the idea of something easy and not too formal. I'm currently growing my hair out after hacking it all off three years ago. I miss my long hair, and long braided looks have always interested me. I think my dress would require something uber formal, or something really easy... and when easy is an option, I'm always happy.

How did you decide on what you wanted your hair to look like? Did you have a plan, or let your stylist have free-range of your tresses?

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Chrissy said...

I think my favorite pic is the one in the very center! Plus that would look Ah-maze-ing with your dress. Perfect :)