Tuesday, November 15, 2011

{ DIY } Fabric Peony Tutorial

Another flower DIY! Peonies this time. These flowers take a little getting used to. Keep playing and be patient. You’ll get the hang of them really quickly. My first few didn’t turn out the best, but practice made perfect!

Left to right, first, cut a bunch of petal shaped pieces of a semi-stiff fabric. I used a quilting cotton from the local fabric store. Perfection doesn’t matter, just make sure they look like petals! Next, fold a pleat in the bottom of a petal. This will make the petal form a soft cup and make it look more real. Next, stitch the pleat in place.

Take another petal, pleat it, and stitch it overlapping the pleat of the first flower. Make about five of these and stitch them all in place as noted. You’ve formed your base! Continue to pleat and stitch a second layer into your flower. Use these petals to fill in gaps and make the flower take shape and look full.

Finally, choose your center! You can stitch a few petals in the middle to hide your stitching like the center flower by taking one or two fabric circles and fold them in half and then in half again, then stitch them standing up into the middle of the flower. Or you can sew in a button or some pearls like the left flower. Try layering some tulle petals to make your flowers a little flashier.

For my flower, I made a small version with smaller petals, some tulle and pearls. Then I made a larger base and stitched the two together. It made a really full flower! You can attach a safety pin to the back of the flower and make it a brooch. You can scatter them on tables as decorations. You can add a floral wire and make a bouquet… The possibilities are endless! I made mine into a headband…

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