Wednesday, November 30, 2011

{ Food } A Different Kind of Tasting

When I pictured going to a tasting for our wedding meal, I imagined something formal and maybe even slightly awkward. Food was placed in front of Carl and I... we ate, we discussed, more food was brought out. We ate, we discussed... It felt very stiff and mechanical to me. I was actually a little nervous.

I am a neurotic girl, I know this. Anyone who knows me knows this, so I spent hours worrying after we booked. I knew that our venue held a different kind of tasting event and that it wouldn't be so personal, but it didn't matter. I still worried. What if they didn't have the entree Carl and I wanted to try? What if all of the food was awful? What if I did it all... wrong?

About a month ago, we attended our venue's tasting. It was a piece of cake... It didn't hurt, it wasn't awkward. It wasn't painful. It was just... like a tiny buffet.

They set up a sample of their appetizers... Of which we took a bunch!

They had sample tables set and other decor for us to view...

They had cake -- lots of cake! And a chocolate fountain!

And then... the entrees. Carl and I each literally took one of everything. After nom nom noming, we talked about the foods we had scarfed down - er, delicately enjoyed like civil humans - and came to the same conclusion. We have a menu selection!

It was a lot of fun to go just as Carl and myself to experience this mini bridal fair type event that was exclusive to our venue. After trying out their cake provided by the preferred vendor... I'm anxious for the day we get to stuff our faces with loads of the sweet stuff!

I shall have one of each, please...

What kind of tasting did your venue provide?

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