Tuesday, January 10, 2012

{ Photos } Photographer Decisions

Over the last month or so, I had been researching photographers all over the Twin Cities area. It was almost as frustrating as looking for a venue, to be honest. You could look for years and year and year and never really have seen them all.

First I looked for style, then for price. If I liked the style, I bookmarked the website until I could check their price. It was early on that I realize that I couldn't do it all at once without driving myself simply insane.

Having originally thought we found a good match at the wedding fair, I now had a better idea of what we really wanted: a contemporary photographer who was fun, took great images that were unique and not old school posed; perhaps even a bit photo journalistic.

I narrowed it all down to three photographers and began emailing. One never responded to me (stop me if you've heard this one before... re: my wedding dress). Two responded immediately and enthusiastically.

The first vendor was out of town and unable to meed right away, so I scheduled an appointment with the second. On a not-so-special night, my mom and I met with the second vendor to talk over coffee. She was professional, friendly and we really liked her. Leaving the meeting, I just sort of had a feeling that I needed to talk to the other vendor before I made a full decision.

I was very happy I did. I had a phone call meeting with the first vendor and we hit it off right away. When I got off the phone, Carl commented "so are you, like, best friends now or what?". We decided to schedule the required engagement session with her; you know, to feel each other out and make sure everything jives and we like her style.

Working with Tracey was so wonderful. I was my normal uptight self and it took a little bit for me to relax, but we ended up with some really nice photos that we were quite happy with:

I'm happy to say that this end decision was very easy. On Monday, I sent out signed contract to Tracey Joy Photography, booking our wedding day. I couldn't be more excited to work with her and I can't wait to see our wedding photos through her lens. She was the perfect amount of directive (which, I admit, I need) and still like and fun the whole time.

My guy instinct to wait paid off, here! Sometimes, you just have a feeling about things!

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