Monday, July 18, 2011

{ Inspiration } The Planning Begins

It has officially begun!

This weekend, I started creating my planning checklists. It still doesn’t feel real… but I feel like I am getting somewhere, at least. I’m so afraid of running out of time, and we don’t even have an official date set! How can I run out of time if the timeline hasn’t even been defined?!

As Carl would say, ‘your Type-A is showing’.

I spent the morning on Sunday copying lists into my own formats from one of the wedding guides my mom bought me. After I finish those, I will start to create the ‘interview questionnaires’ for any vendor selection we might have to do (like music, venue, reception…) I honestly don’t know how my event-planning co-workers do it! How do they remember all these details and pull off the events they do so flawlessly?!

I also started to practice fabric roses. I want to make my bouquets for my bridesmaid (and for me!), and first thing I have to do is prove to myself that I can make each of the styles of flower I want to make. Then, I have to make each one. About 1,000 times. Yikes. I will hopefully have a back-up plan in case I go a little crazy while making all of these flowers!

I also found my dress this weekend… But more on that EXCITING detail, later!

What DIY projects are you planning for your wedding?
PS: I'm in love with this quick tutorial! Rock n Roll Bride: Fabric Flower Bouquet Tutorial

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Chrissy said...

I love the idea of fabric flowers! Lemme know if I can help or if this is something you want to do on your own.